By Annie Barrett
December 22, 2006 at 09:03 PM EST

It’s almost vacation time. Cab in an hour. I gotta pack! This blog post feels almost as urgent as the stroke of midnight looming over Summer’s uterus! But not. What?

So, last night’s O.C. The plot has thickened and the hair has thinned: We find out Ryan’s father is a clean-cut, seemingly white-collar criminal type who probably knew Bullit from jail and is about to launch a reign of terror onto Newport; also, he’s Hercules. No spoilers for me this week, so I had no clue who the guy was — and I loved the pairing of the big reveal with that electropoppy tunage in the background. Reminded me of the filler music they play during the “science” scenes on CSI. But I bet there’s no CSI: Mix 6. Booyah! Boom, boom, FRANK ATWOOD, boom, boom, and the beat goes on! Quite rewind-worthy. Really, the music is so perfect. Rewind that shiz.

There’s other big news, but since neither party seems to want any part of it, I hestitate to even mention… Seth and Summer got engaged because she might have been preggers and he wanted to prove his love, blah blah etc. I wish they would have just laughed off the engagement in an ironic, pooh-pooh sort of way, seconds after seeing the negative test. Neither of them seems to really be feelin’ it right now, especially Summer.

addCredit(“The O.C.: Greg Schwartz”)

I loved Kaitlin and her new surrogate daddy, Bullit. Ryan andTaylor: eh. Julie: yes. Sandy: perceptive. Kirsten: coffee. Alienparty: okay. Fun, even, but I was so expecting some sort of twist orthe slightest hint of plot development involving the girl who stoleTaylor’s purse. Maybe I was caught up in the magic of last week andthought the purse snatcher could serve as the metaphorical “Spirit ofNew Year’s,” and that she’d led the foursome through the desert onpurpose, knowing they’d have a totally out of this world time at therave (pictured)! Not really. Damn, I had so many questions about thatgirl. “Why is she an alien?” was not one of them. Rather, why didn’tshe drive faster away from Ryan? How did hours and hours go by duringthe snail-paced “chase” that ensued? What kind of pre-sex stretchingwere she and that nasty character doing on a giant massage table? Andreally? Him? He was, like, an alien…

I’d like to nominate Ryan’s “ick” facial reaction to Taylormassaging his shoulders in the car as the moment of the night. Tell me,PopWatchers, what did you think of the episode?