Here's what the entertainment world will miss about the caring TV newsman

By Steve Kroft
Updated December 22, 2006 at 05:00 AM EST

Steve Kroft remembers Ed Bradley

JUNE 22, 1941-NOV. 9, 2006

I obviously got to know Ed better at 60 Minutes — our offices were adjacent to each other — but I first met him 30 years ago at WJXT in Jacksonville, Florida. I was working as a reporter there and Ed was a CBS correspondent who used to come through our station all the time. He was everything that everyone has always said about him — incredibly gracious, helpful, friendly, and encouraging to people who had aspirations of going higher in the business. He had fantastic charisma and his appeal cut through every segment of society. Ed was hip, he had style, he knew how to dress, and he had the best manners of anybody I’ve ever met. Some people can have those traits and they don’t translate on television. They did with Ed. And he really, genuinely cared about the people he was doing stories on. He had an innate sense of justice and fairness, and he was one of the best listeners around. He listened to music and he listened during interviews and he reacted. He wasn’t harsh, for the most part, but if he got on you, either in real life or on television, you probably deserved it. (Bradley died of leukemia in New York City.)