By Annie Barrett
Updated December 21, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST

The two giant eyeballs that appear on the cover of Pink Floyd’s Pulse were auctioned off for Floyd guitarist David Gilmour’s charity, Crisis, yesterday. Something’s always getting auctioned off in England, and the report is always in the top three stories on, and I never pay attention. This one actually has me jealous. How cool would it be to have these puppies in your house? Ha! What rock prop have you always coveted? For me, it’s the bulbous, colorful “ELO” disc that an Aladdin-esque character attempts to steal at the beginning of the video for “Confusion.” I don’t know what that thing is, but I want it, if only to lord it over that dude. WTF is going on there? (See song title.)

Anyway, what about you? And if you don’t have thousands to spend on pieces of pop-culture nostalgia, consider buying a Festivus pole — a simple construction of glass, aluminum, and dirty rotten paganism priced at just $38 — for the Seinfeld fan in your life. Come to think of it, they should start selling modified versions of those things at head shops. What? Nothing. See ya.