By EW Staff
Updated December 20, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST

It all started when Stephen Colbert accused egghead indie rock group the Decemberists of copying his lightsaber green screen challenge by issuing their own fan contest involving a green screen. (Well, if that’s not copyright infringement, I just don’t know what is!) Not one to sit idle while another man steals his thunder, Colbert came down like mulch (like mulch, I tell you!) and asked his viewers to superimpose his green screen onto the Decemberists’ green-screened music video. (At this point, it’s okay to be a bit confused; you can read the tangled web of twists and turns here.) Well, dem was fightin’ words because a counter-challenge from Colin Meloy and crew surfaced, daring Colbert to accept a guitar duel. Colbert wasted no time and made good on the threat.

Tune in to the The Colbert Report tonight to watch the faux newscaster go head to head (or axe to axe?) with Decemberists’ guitarist Chris Funk. Who do you think will bring it home, PopWatchers? The Decemberists may have their advantages, being actual musicians and all, but Colbert did have his days rocking out with obscure ’80s new wave band Stephen and the Colberts (pictured, above)… seriously, where can I get a copy of this stuff? Colbert kills it!