By Amy Ryan
December 20, 2006 at 09:22 PM EST

The Academy unveiled the 2007 Oscar poster (pictured) yesterday, and it’s pretty cool. As you can see, the theme this year is memorable lines of dialogue from Oscar-nominated pictures, which is a nice backhanded reminder of the importance of good screenwriting at a time when Hollywood is bracing for a writers’ strike.

All but one of the lines quoted on the poster come from movies nominated for Best Picture or Best Screenplay Oscars since 1936; the Academy has said it will host several trivia contests inspired by the poster, including one to guess what the odd line out is. (Yes, I know which one it is; you can figure it out fairly easily if you visit, where they’ve helpfully blown up the poster and transcribed all the lines on it.)

Here’s a trivia idea: who is the most quoted actor or actress on the poster? (Probably actor; the list seems to skew heavily male.) I count six, possibly seven lines uttered by Jack Nicholson. More to the point, does anyone know who the most quoted screenwriter on the poster is? I count three lines written by Billy Wilder, but someone else may have written more.

Any lines from eligible movies that you think should have made the cut? Speak now, PopWatchers.