By Annie Barrett
December 20, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST

A editor of the Oxford American College Dictionary announced on The Rachael Ray Show last week that “EVOO” will become an official part of our language. Like it isn’t already. Ugh! Okay. Like Slezak, I don’t particularly mind Rachael Ray. When she was confined to Food Network, I warmed to her because whenever she dumped a recipe’s finished contents onto a plate, she’d make a hearty, uninhibited growl, like “Yay-uh!” or “Hoo-ah!” or just “Unnnnhh!” I found this endearing. That said, I am getting tired of having her and the little yellow AOL man be the only two characters I can count on seeing hundreds of times a day. And for the record, R-squared totally didn’t come up with EVOO herself. People have been using it ever since acronyms became legal, i.e., forever. If you play “Strawberry Fields” backwards, John Lennon even says it. Not to mention, Ray kind of negates the entire concept by clarifying “YOU KNOW, EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL” after each usage. We know.

What other words or catchphrases from 2006 do we think should become legit? Auf, obviously. In fact, a friend who’s a graduate student in medieval studies triumphantly forwarded me an urgent message from the American Dialect Society’s listserv with the subject “Auf (v.),” which cited the term’s usage in many major news outlets (and, duh, blogs). Ha! I’m talking about listservs on an entertainment blog. Such a nerd. Anyway, Truthiness is Merriam-Webster’s pick for 2006, even though the ADS picked it last year. So what else? I’m sure we can do better than Carbon Neutral. I refuse to say SexyBack, even though I just did. And while we’re on topic, which words can we please ban? I’ll start: Paris Hilton. Bloggable. Organic. Holiday Tree. This s— is B-A-N-A-N-A-S.