By Amy Ryan
Updated December 20, 2006 at 08:40 PM EST

Hmm. American Idol may be the most popular show on TV, but its producers are still worried that it’s growing a bit stale. That’s why the forthcoming Season 6, which begins Jan. 16, will feature a midseason surprise twist. “Something we’re working on is a big-event show, sometime in the middle of the season, something that will blow America away,” executive producer Cecile Frot-Coutaz tells the New York Daily News.

What could this big bombshell be? A love duet between Simon and Paula? Human sacrifice? Breaking the semifinalist pool into tribes along racial lines?

Maybe that tribes notion isn’t so far-fetched. TMZ reports that the show will divide the semifinalists into ensembles that will sing classic vocal-group tunes by acts like the Bee Gees, the Beach Boys, the Supremes, and The Four Tops; apparently, they’ll then be judged as groups, rather than as individuals.

Is that a big enough twist for ya? Do you even think the Idol format needs shaking up? If so, is this the way you’d do it? If not, how would you change up Idol?