By Amy Ryan
December 19, 2006 at 06:14 AM EST

So, what do Paula Abdul, Lauren Bacall, Scarlett Johansson, Sophie Okonedo, and Gene Simmons have in common? It helps if you knew that Friday at sundown, about the time we posted the question, marked the beginning of Chanukah. “For once I know the answer!!! They all celebrate Chanukah!! They are all Jewish!! They could all be in Adam Sandler’s 4th version of the ‘Chanukah Song!!!’ Cool!” enthused reader Arlene Lassin.

Mazel Tov, Arlene, you’re right! In fact, as Tim Priester wrote, “I think that they are about the only five Jewish entertainers that Adam Sandler hasn’t plugged into his ‘Chanukah Song.'” Could be, Tim. No doubt Sandler will get on that very soon.

Some of you thought all of them were just half-Jewish. Actually, to my knowledge, Idol judge Abdul, screen legend Bacall, and KISS singer Simmons all have two Jewish parents. It Girl Johansson and Hotel Rwanda star Okonedo (pictured) have Jewish mothers, “which means that according to Jewish law, they are all technically Jewish,” observes PopWatcher Amir Weiss.

Most entertaining wrong answer came from Brooklyn’s James Avatar, who wrote, “They can all touch the tip of their nose with their tongue.” Don’t know if that’s true, but I’d like to see that. Meanwhile, a plate of latkes to all those who guessed right — they’re listed after the jump.

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