By Gilbert Cruz
Updated December 18, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST

Britain’s The Guardian (possibly that nation’s best newspaper) loves, loves, loves lists. (As does EW, of course, and we know a good list when we see one.) The Guardian runs approximately eight every Sunday, and this one — as usual — is interesting, arcane, and ripe for discussion. Headlined, “50 Lost Movie Classics,” it’s probably better to refer to it as “50 Mostly Hard-to-Find Cult Films” (if only for the fact that they included Save the Last Dance, which no one in their right mind could ever refer to as obscure or a Lost Movie Classic).

I was forced to watch the first one on the list, Salt of the Earth, in film class and was pleasantly surprised, though it is at times predictably heavy-handed. My favorite on this list, appropriate given the recent passing of its director, is Robert Altman’s 3 Women. I’m pretty sure I saw this in a small arthouse here in New York, but the movie is so odd and hazy (in a good, Altmanesque way) that I’m still not sure I didn’t dream it instead. Shelley Duvall has never been more simultaneously annoying and sad, and Sissy Spacek is as brilliantly frail as ever. What about y’all? Seen many of the movies on this list? Which ones would you have added?