By Annie Barrett
Updated December 15, 2006 at 04:00 PM EST

To me, TV on DVD is pretty much the perfect holiday gift. (I should work at Best Buy or something. Like Jessica Simpson in that movie no one saw.) In theory, DVDs of series aren’t too personal at all — when shopping, you can cover as many of the truly important peeps in your life as you need to, in one section of one store on December 23rd. But in practice, you can peg a boxed set to whichever very specific personality trait of the receiver you wish. It’s so easy. Say, “I got this for you because I know you love…” and then fill in the blank with something like “consistently guilt-free drunkenness” (Arrested Development), or “stinky cheese” (Best of The Bachelor), or “sweaters” (The Cosby Show). It’s brilliant.

But can even our gluttonous demand for TV on DVD measure up to an ever-increasing supply? According to The Hollywood Reporter, the number of “complete first season” series released on DVD this year rose from 137 to a fat and jolly 158. Say what? Among the new titles: Rat Patrol, Beauty and The Beast, Hawaii Five-O, and 90210 (which everyone knows you can see for free twice a day on SoapNet, duh). I find it hilarious that the DVD scene’s becoming more random than ever, but seriously, who is going to buy Family Ties (pictured) on DVD? Because: no. Sha-la-la-la!

Are you as dependent on the TV-on-DVD trend as I am? If you’re my friend, will you get mad when I give you Scrubs for Christmas and tell you it’s because I remembered how you like to bathe? And what show can’t you find that you wish was available this winter?

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