By Whitney Pastorek
Updated December 14, 2006 at 04:00 PM EST

Take heart, punk fans! The recent wave of every band ever getting back together (Genesis? Really?) has finally washed up on Iggy Pop’s shores for real, and now the Stooges (pictured, above, from left: Scott Asheton, Pop, and Ron Asheton) — who have been touring together for the last couple years — have recorded their first album in 34 years.

The record, called The Weirdness, will be released on Pop’s own label March 20. It will be produced by Steve Albini, who has worked with the Pixies, Nirvana, and the dreaded Joanna Newsom. The album’s release will be followed by a world tour, a concept which makes me a bit nervous, as I was in the crowd the night the Stooges played Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival in 2005, and found myself nearly crushed to death after Iggy screamed, “I want to see every person in Seattle on this m*therf*cking stage RIGHT NOW!!” The crowd complied. Please see photographic evidence of Whitney (below, left) clutching her purse like a frightened grandma and begging the Lord to take her quickly if those barricades gave way.

Anyway, enough about me and how I’m old — PopWatchers! THERE ARE NO MORE BANDS THAT NEED TO GET BACK TOGETHER! Can we agree on this? Or are you still holding out for that one special reunion?

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