By Michelle Kung
Updated December 14, 2006 at 09:32 PM EST
Credit: Happy Days: Everett Collection

Brie and bruschetta? Check. Caseload of wine? Double-check. D-list celeb? Uh… Turns out, the new “must-have” on the holiday party circuit this season is the has-been celebrity. Apparently, everyone from K-Fed to actor Anson Williams — Potsie from TV’s Happy Days (pictured) — is willing to swallow their pride (if they have any left) and stand around for pop-culture gawkers if the price is right. Sadly, for some, that price seems to be as low as $3,000 — depending on the nature of the event and amount of travel, of course. (Top-level stars, like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Simpson? So last year. And their $1 million-plus asking price? So not in our budget.)

I know, stars shilling for cash is nothing new, and it’s no different from athletes and politicians making fee-driven appearances, but there’s just something particularly sad about all these former child stars and personalities agreeing to be pimped out — and subjected to the drunken rantings of your co-workers. (VH1: I blame you.) That said, who would you most like to see drop by your company office party? Who would you shell out for?

addCredit(“Happy Days: Everett Collection”)