By Michael Slezak
Updated December 13, 2006 at 05:56 AM EST
Credit: Zach Braff: Gale Adler

This just in: Zach Braff (pictured) is mash-up-able. Not just in a “wouldn’t you like to pinch his cheeks like Aunt Frida” way, but also in a “let’s marry his voiceover to unexpected visuals” sort of way. Know what I mean? No?

Well, check out this 10-minute version of A Charlie Brown Christmas, with new (and mildly alarming) dialogue dubbed in by the cast of Scrubs. (Is it wrong that I’m vaguely unsettled by a parody that imagines the Peanuts gang “jacked up on morphine and jamming all night”?) You might also get a kick out of a new trailer that marries Braff’s The Last Kiss to Apocalypto. Or not. Hey, it still beats filling out year-end expense reports, doesn’t it?

addCredit(“Zach Braff: Gale Adler”)