By Michael Slezak
Updated December 13, 2006 at 09:45 PM EST
Beyonce Knowles

December is the month of top 10 lists — the best of this, the worst of that — and to be honest, I tend to gobble ’em up like McDonald’s fries the morning after a particularly rowdy bender. (Ba-dah-dah-dah-dah, I’m lovin’ it.) Anyhow, today, RuPaul’s blog has a post called “Albums I Listened to Most in 2006,” which got me thinking about that nifty “Top 25 Most Played” songs feature on my iPod. And then I thought, “OK, I’m going to post mine on PopWatch,” quickly followed by a paranoid fit of “They’re all gonna laugh at you,” and then just as quickly by, “How would that differ from any of your other music-related items?” And so, it is in that spirit that I present my 10 Most-Listened-To Songs of 2006. I’m not saying they’re the best, or the coolest, and certainly not the deepest, but they made my daily commute a lot more bearable, and helped me perfect my signature walk. Now mind you, I’ve only had my iPod since August, so it’s really a second-half of 2006 list for me, but… oh I’m just going to shut up and start the diva-heavy countdown.

OK, PopWatchers, now it’s your turn: What were your most-played songs of 2006?