By Whitney Pastorek
Updated December 13, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST
Julian McMahon, Nip/Tuck

From the “Wait, They Weren’t There Already?” files comes this tidbit: Nip/Tuck is moving its storyline from Miami to L.A. In last night’s season finale, Christian (Julian McMahon, pictured) decided to take the practice to the Left Coast, following his partner Sean to a place where, let’s be honest, they couldn’t possibly need any more plastic surgeons.

I’ll admit to not really watching this show (I don’t do well with knives), so I’m not sure what the impact of this decision will be. PopWatchers, it’s all up to you. Shark-jumping? Or a brilliant tactical move? And will this have any effect on the Actie Rosie vs. Talkie Rosie decision, which has us all on the edge of our seats?