By Amy Ryan
December 12, 2006 at 10:29 PM EST

The Broadcast Film Critics Association, made up largely of folks whose glowing raves you see quoted in blurbs on movie posters, doesn’t necessarily offer a reliable harbinger of what the Academy will vote for. Still, their list of nominations for their 12th annual Critics Choice Awards is worth perusing for a couple reasons. First, their shotgun, share-the-wealth approach to nominations (there are 10 Best Picture nominees, and several categories have six contenders) helps define the range of possible choices available to other awards groups. Second, this year’s list has some interesting anomalies. As Variety points out, Leonardo DiCaprio is the first man whom the BCFA has nominated twice in the Best Actor category; his performance in The Departed will be competing with his Blood Diamond role (pictured). Also, Letters from Iwo Jima is competing in both the Best Picture and Best Foreign Language Film categories. Oscar’s rules won’t permit Clint Eastwood’s drama to enter both slots, but there’s a remote chance that, if the Academy wants to be especially kind to a foreign film this year, it could give props to, say, Volver (along with director Pedro Almodovar and star Penelope Cruz) in more than just the Foreign Language slot. Does this help you and your Magic 8 Balls, PopWatchers?

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