By Michael Slezak
December 11, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, keep those dogies rollin’, critics’ groups across the country keep rollin’ out their prizes for the best picture of 2006. (Sorry, that was weak. I just like that song. Whatever.) Anyway, The New York Film Critics Circle (doesn’t “Circle” sound exclusive, like there’s some reviewers standing outside it, longing in futility to enter?) has chosen United 93 as the year’s best film, while spreading the wealth in the acting and directing categories; the group’s other top prizes went to The Last King of Scotland‘s Forest Whitaker (Best Actor), The Queen‘s Helen Mirren (Best Actress); The Departed‘s Martin Scorsese (Best Director); Little Children‘s Jackie Earle Haley (Best Supporting Actor), and Dreamgirls‘ Jennifer Hudson (Best Supporting Actress).

There was some overlap between New York’s picks and those of The Boston Society of Film Critics, as Scorsese, Whitaker, and Mirren all took home the top prizes in the Beantown as well. Other winners among the Boston Critics: The Departed (Best Picture); Half Nelson‘s Shareeka Epps (Best Supporting Actress); and The Departed‘s Mark Wahlberg (Best Supporting Actor). Boston pride in da house, people!

Scorsese, Whitaker, and Mirren made it a triple-crown of sorts by topping their respective categories at The Washington DC Area Film Critics Association Awards. Other winners there included United 93 (Best Film); Hudson (Best Supporting Actress); and Blood Diamond‘s Djimon Hounsou (Best Supporting Actor).