By Helin Jung
Updated December 08, 2006 at 07:00 PM EST

Take Control,” the newest Glamour Shot from Amerie, is nonsense, just the way I like my music videos to be. It involves a missing senator, a photographer on a mission to”eliminate” the senator, and a beautiful woman on a competingelimination odyssey. I think. I’m not really sure, and I’ve watched it four times now. In other words, this is the stuff that music video dreams are madeof.

It’s actually really deep, see. She sings that she’s a slave to her man’s rhythm. She loves and trusts her baby. She wants him to take control of her. Yet, she is the one that’s ultimately in control. She doesn’t trust anybody; she’s out to conquer all of them! I told you. Deep.

And so, the video pretends to make sense by taking on something more complex than Amerie shimmying around in hot pants and heels, but don’t let it fool you. The hair tossing and strut-strutting is the same here as it is in “1 Thing,” just on location this time — in a car, a park, a house with a sexy man sleeping under rumpled sheet, etc. Love it!