Chris Parnell

Chris Parnell will guest-star on tonight’s 30 Rock as a high-powered doctor-to-the-stars with very bad hair. That’s the cover of his character’s book, Never Die, to your left. It’s good advice, though a more fitting recommendation to today’s celebs might be Never Age. I love the unexplained asterisk and low-budget “gradient” color effects characteristic of a beginner’s Photoshop class. And the back of the jacket features testimony from a “writer,” a “freelance writer,” and a resident of Brooklyn, so we know whatever Dr. Spaceman says is legit.

Parnell’s appearance could spark a slew of other guest spots from other Saturday Night Live folks (ahem, Amy Poehler. It’d be legal, right? What’s the holdup?). What other SNL-ers (past and present) would you like to see on 30 Rock? I’ve personally been wondering what Stuart Smalley’s been up to all these years, but I’m probably the only one, because whenever I come across a rerun of him and leave the channel on, I get yelled at.