By Michelle Kung
Updated December 07, 2006 at 08:47 PM EST

The latest hoppers-on aboard the post-Passion, pro-faith movie-distributing train? That’d be Harvey and Bob W, whose Weinstein Co. has just announced a deal with Christian shingle Impact Entertainment to (eventually) put out six faith-based flicks a year. Already in development are adaptations of two action-packed books: The Penny, which concerns a 1950s-era girl who finds hope after finding, yes, a penny, and The Christmas Candle, in which an angel visits a candlemaker. Not exactly in the same league as Priest, the über-controversial film about a gay conservative Catholic priest (Linus Roache) the brothers released while still at Miramax. (Come to think of it, Kevin Smith’s Dogma wasn’t exactly embraced by the church either.)

It’s clearly a deal that’s been in the works for at least a little while; hopefully the brothers aren’t suffering from buyer’s remorse after seeing the tepid $8 million opening of New Line’s The Nativity Story. Because for all the fuss and media attention directed at bringing back faith-based films in a big way after the success of the Passion, few flicks have yet to really cross over to mainsteam audiences. Ever see Facing the Giants or Gener8xion’s One Night With the King? Yeah, me neither.