By Michelle Kung
Updated December 07, 2006 at 07:43 PM EST
Credit: America's Next Top Model: Cycle 7: DeYonker/The CW

FAIR WARNING: If you have yet to watch the season finale of cycle 7, skip this item.

Those of you interested in discussing last night’s finale, follow the jump…

addCredit(“America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 7: DeYonker/The CW”)

America has a new top model, and her name is CariDee. More importantly,her name is not Melrose, who thankfully lost the Battle of the Blondeson the ANTM finale last night — sparing us any moreunnecessary exposure to her fakey-fake,can’t-cry-but-will-try-to-fake-it-to-look-sympathetic mug. Overall, thefinale, much like the whole season, was pretty hokey (um, ghost brides?And was that Nigel dancing to the creepy wedding music?) and primarilyan excuse for Tyra to continue releasing the crazy she clearly has beenrepressing since she was 17. (Make sure you read Whitney Pastorek’s TV Watchfor all the nutty details.) Because it was the finale, I even stoppedto re-watch the opening credits instead of DVR-ing through it, and wasreminded of the girls that coulda-shoulda-been, like my fave from thepremiere, A.J. How about you, PopWatchers? Did CariDee deserve thecrown? And is it even worth anything if it’s derived from the Worst.Season. Ever?

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