Will 'Hellboy' director del Toro ever tackle ''At the Mountains of Madness?'' His answer, plus replies about his new ''Pan's Labyrinth,'' dream projects, and more. Second of a three-part series


Director Guillermo del Toro answers your questions

Will we ever see a del Toro directed At The Mountains Of Madness? We want a big-budget Lovecraft movie, done by someone who knows what he’s doing! —Don
Well, I wish I could do it!!! I love the Stuart Gordon movies but there’s a classy, high-budget Lovecraft film waiting — aching — to be made. I think Ridley Scott’s Alien or Carpenter’s The Thing or Andrzej Zulawski’s Possession have that Lovecraftian aura down.

Someone at one point suggested that the movie had a love story and a happy ending. Screw that. I’d rather not make it.

This could be equated to the question how long is a piece of string, but I’d like to ask anyway: Where do you get your ideas? Is there a process to the creation? —Blake Mitchell
I carry around a little notebook to write my ideas and draw a few sketches. Out of a one paragraph note can come an entire screenplay. Life is full of suggestion, I believe — it’s all in the way you gaze at it. I never get bored. I can be in a 5-hour bus trip through the roughest terrain and any passenger, landscape or sound will invite me to daydream… I’ve always been that way… Kind of a benign paranoia…

Are there any other comic books that you would like to translate to film? —Torin Johnson
I co-wrote a draft of The Coffin (ONI Press) for Jim Cameron’s Lightstorm and I would love to shoot that… I tried — unsuccesfully — to acquire the rights to Katsushiro Otomo’s Domu. That would’ve been amazing. Then there is that manga Monster, which I think would make a killer mini-series. I think the best writing right now is on TV and cable, namely The Wire. I’m addicted to that.

If the success of Pan’s Labyrinth translates into Oscars and the studios finally recognize your talent, giving you tons of money to make any film you wanted…What film would you want to make? —Gary Deocampo
The ”M” projects: Mountains of Madness, Montecristo (aka Left Hand of Darkness), and Mephisto’s Bridge.

How do you believe your filmmaking style differs from other Mexican directors, like Alfonso Cuarón or Alejandro González Iñárritu? Do you think there are any fimmakers in Mexico right now who could become well known outside of Mexico? —Ragna Cook
I think we are very different in style. I admire both of my compadres but we think very differently. Actually, Alejandro makes fun of my style by screaming in the editing room: ”Cut!! Don’t dolly and crane to the Damn Thing!! Just Cut!!!”

I admire Francisco Vargas’ El Violin, [Fernando] Eimbcke’s Duck Season, and [Carlos] Reygadas’ Japón and Battle in Heaven.

Pan's Labyrinth

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