By Amy Ryan
Updated December 05, 2006 at 06:00 PM EST

There’s something a little scary about the prospect of a biopic of Jerry Garcia (pictured). It’s not just that the film would mark the arrival of Malcolm in the Middle‘s Reese as a 21-year-old movie mogul. It’s also the ominous thought that, if Justin Berfield and his associates get it wrong, there’ll be an army of angry Deadheads putting down their organic burritos and picking up torches to march angrily on Hollywood. So let’s give the filmmakers an assist and help them cast the Grateful Dead frontman. My nomination: Lost‘s Jorge Garcia. He’s got the physique, the hair, the last name (and first initial), and the propensity for “Dude”-speak. Who could do better?

addCredit(“Jerry Garcia: Michael Putland/Retna Ltd.”)