December 05, 2006 at 05:22 AM EST

So what do the Four Seasons, Lemonheads, Linkin Park, Willie Nelson, and Weezer have in common? “They’re all cooler choices than the Counting Crows and slightly less obvious choices than Merle Haggard — if you want artists that recorded songs with ‘December’ in the title, that is — which coincidentally happens to be the month we just started,” wrote reader Thomas Oldham. “Funny, that.”

Yep, most of you figured out that link. Lemonheads and Weezer both have songs called “December.” The Four Seasons, of course, sang “December 1963 (Oh What a Night).” Nelson (pictured) crooned “December Days,” and Linkin Park took possession of the month with “My December.” “Yet none of the songs is about Christmas,” noted reader Pat Kelly.

Not technically incorrect was Nancy Nance’s answer: “Well, if you hadn’t thrown Willie Nelson in there, I would have said ‘never heard of any of them.'” (May I respectfully suggest to you, Nancy, that you need to get out more?) “All have been sampled by Jay-Z,” claimed Dave Baskind, but I was too busy warming my frigid fingers around a mug of hot chocolate to check his answer. “Shame on you for not including Collective Soul on the list. Their ‘December’ was a mid-90’s pop classic,” chided David Lankford. I apologize to him and to everyone else whose favorite “December” song I left out; in fact, I left out my own favorite, Teenage Fanclub’s “December,” because I thought it might be too obscure. Any other good ones I left out? Tell us below.

(See the names of the cool people who guessed correctly after the jump.)

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Mandy Hoge
Pat Kelly
David Lankford
Maribeth Macaisa
Lauren Moran (“The Biggest Linkin Park Fan EVER!”)
Harold Reynolds
Linda Nong
Thomas Oldham
Jon Robertson
Erik Weiss (“I can’t believe I finally got one of these right. Flippin’ sweet.”)
Jan Willemsen
Patrick A. Yearout

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