By Michael Slezak
Updated December 04, 2006 at 06:30 PM EST

What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a CD on eBay? Several years back, I shelled out close to $60 to score a “limited edition college sampler” of Joi‘s unreleased Amoeba Cleansing Syndrome. It was a pretty loopy move, considering at the time, I hadn’t heard a single track off the disc, but I was so obsessed with Joi’s 1994 release, The Pendulum Vibe, I fell into one of those last-minute bidding frenzies and — bam! — there I was getting a single seven-song set for the price of three. And you know what? I have never regretted it (well, maybe just a little, after discovering it’s now legitimately for sale by the artist herself). Amoeba Cleansing Syndrome has been in heavy rotation at Casa Slezak ever since.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered earlier this week during a routine YouTube inspection that, sometime in 1997, Joi actually released a video for “Ghetto Superstar,” a loose, funky R&B workout off Amoeba that is not to be confused with “Ghetto Supastar (That Is What You Are)” the chart-topping 1998 Pras-ODB-Mya collaboration off the Bulworth soundtrack. Admittedly, Joi’s video is kind of all over the place, but if you would kindly click here, minimize your browser, and soak up the aural delight that is “Ghetto Superstar,” I bet, you too, will be asking yourself, “Why wasn’t this a huge hit?”