By Gilbert Cruz
Updated December 04, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST
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Let’s play “What’s Weirder?”

A. The Sopranos‘ Joe Gannascoli, a.k.a “Gay Vito,” claiming to come out with his own line of pool sticks (to refresh your memory, Vito was raped and beaten to death with one this past season).
B. Is R. Kelly finally returning to his epic “Trapped in the Closet” saga of music videos? Looks like it, according to this casting call.
C. Tori Spelling (pictured) has agreed to write her memoirs while filming an Oxygen reality show where she and her husband run a bed and breakfast.

(See Gilbert’s answer after the jump.)

addCredit(“Tori Spelling: Mike Guastella/”)

Clearly, clearly A. Tori Spelling writing her memoir? Status quo fora celebrity of even a B-list stature, no? We’ll give her points for thereality show, though, that’s sort of a great idea. Classy even, whichis something we rarely call reality TV. As for R. Kelly potentiallyfilming more chapters of “Trapped in the Closet,” we’re all in favor ofthat too. Hopefully it’s not a case of diminishing returns, however.Because if it’s not as good as this, we don’t want to see it, R.

But A? Come on, Joe. We thought you were cool. We thought you wereprogressive. But marketing a line of pool cues based on a show propthat was used to violently sodomize and kill a gay character byhomophobic mobsters? That’s totally not cool and a very, very cynicalway of trying to cash in. We can only hopethat he was kidding. Which would still not be funny.

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