By Annie Barrett
Updated December 01, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST

Page your friends on their beepers: NBC announced it has picked up 30 Rock for the rest of the 2006-7 season! The show delivered its highest ratings yet (6.6 million viewers) in its first Thursday run last night — third place in its time slot, but still an impressive showing.

I’m thrilled. This show’s just flat-out funny, and it says a lot that at 11 p.m., when I scrolled through my DVR/life partner’s daunting list of nine recordings, 30 Rock was one of the only two I had to watch right away. It probably wasn’t urgent — it’s not like any of my friends would IM me about what happened the next morning. Maybe they will in the coming weeks. Friends, tune in! All I know is I needed to watch a show involving fake face tattoos, a porn-star burn victim masqerading as a woman, and “crappy” deli sandwiches. (I’m with Liz Lemon — there’s nothing wrong with a turkey sub. It just works.)

Who else is psyched?