The biggest upcoming projects in entertainment

By Adam B. Vary
Updated December 01, 2006 at 05:00 AM EST

+ VH1 can stop looking: Jennifer Hudson is having the best year ever. As her Oprah-lauded film debut in Dreamgirls nears theaters, the American Idol castoff signed with Arista Records to work with the golden-eared Clive Davis next year on a new album. ”I’d love to create blended music,” says Hudson, ”something that is both old soul and new grooves.” And, we hope, divatastic!

+ After seven seasons (and one truly dubious marital decision) on Gilmore Girls, Lauren Graham will move behind the scenes to exec-produce Objects of Desire at The CW. ”It’s a drama that takes place in the art-auction world,” she says, ”sort of marrying my love of Antiques Roadshow and The O.C.” (Finally!) She’s also developing a comedy pilot ”like My Name Is Earl at a Baptist church,” says Graham, who then jokes, ”Actually, don’t say that, because my grandmother, if she sees the word Baptist, will have a complete meltdown.” Now that would be some good TV.