The Hollywood Reporter has released its list of the highest-paid actresses of 2006. For the first time in years, human cash register Julia Roberts is nowhere to be found, since she sat the year out. Her replacement at the top? Drumroll… (prosthetic) nose-wrinkle… Nicole Kidman!

Really? The Oscar-winner reportedly makes $16-17 million per movie. If you consider her lackluster year — her only projects were voicing a penguin in Happy Feet and starring as artist Diane Arbus in this month’s indie flick Fur — that figure seems a little high. We’ll see if she’s worth it in 2007’s big-budget sci-fi flick Invasion. Meanwhile, the rest of the top earners seem typical enough. Reese, Renée, Drew, Cameron… wow, reading those names, I conjured up some face/body-blending imagery and realized those four could all probably stand in for each other on set. I wonder what the going rate for subbing-in would be. A mil a day? Plus tax?

But what do you think? Should Nicole be making that much? Do you like living in a world in which Kirsten Dunst gets $10 million for showing up? And which actresses should be on the list that aren’t? Dakota Fanning comes to mind…

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