By Michael Slezak
November 28, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST
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Yep, they’re still together. Well, at least that was the not terribly effusive word from Lorenzo Borghese and Jennifer Wilson during a teleconference this afternoon discussing their experiences on the just-concluded season of The Bachelor: Rome, and what’s become of them since filming wrapped on September 22.

“We’re still very happy and we’re definitely together,” said Jen, “but we’re just kind of trying to figure things out, and really grow into a relationship now.” Of course, they’ll have to nurture that growth from afar; eighth-grade teacher Jen said she’ll stay in the Miami area at least long enough to finish out the school year, while Lorenzo has no plans to move from his New York City base. Yet if Jen has any fears that Lorenzo’s female fans will pursue him during the couple’s long-distance courtship, she’s keeping them to herself. “I have total confidence in him that everything will be fine,” she said. “And if not, I’m sure it’ll get written about so I’ll find out that way.” Alrighty, then!

Anyhow, since I was perplexed by last night’s climactic scene, inwhich Lorenzo showed Jen a diamond engagement ring, explained he wasn’tready to give it to her yet, then proceeded to place it on her finger,I had to ask if he was pushed by ABC’s producers to provide them withthe kind of fairytale footage that hints at a walk down the aisle.Lorenzo’s answer? Well, kinda cryptic. “I didn’t have a necklace on me,or a string, but I mean, it is a ring, so you should put it on afinger. And so I put it on Jen’s finger,” he explained. “And obviouslybefore I did, I wanted her to understand why I was putting it on herfinger, and what it meant, but she’s got it on her finger right now,and I think that’s what you do with a ring.” (For the record, Jenadded, it’s on her left hand.)

Still, even if Lorenzo and Jen beat the Bachelor odds andbecome husband and wife — “If that’s what happens, I will definitelythen be Princess Jennifer,” the bachelorette in question said — don’texpect a redo of Trista and Ryan’s televised nuptials. “Are we lookingfor a reality TV wedding at this point? Probably not,” said Jen. Notthat she and Lorenzo would rule out other on-camera adventures. “Ifit’s a fun opportunity and it makes sense, I don’t see why either of uswould turn it down,” said Lorenzo. Now who says there’s no happyendings?

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