By Amy Ryan
Updated November 28, 2006 at 06:00 AM EST

So, what do Frances de la Tour, Richard E. Grant, Shirley MacLaine, Daniel Radcliffe, and Christina Ricci have in common? “I’m pretty sure they all have something to do with the play or movie The History Boys,” writes PopWatcher Mitchell Allen. Indeed they do: namely, they’ve all acted opposite the marvelous Richard Griffiths, who starred as controversial teacher Hector (pictured) in the London and Broadway stage versions and in the new film adaptation that opened in theaters last week. Griffiths costars with de la Tour in History Boys, with Grant in Withnail & I (a comedy you MUST RENT NOW), with MacLaine in Guarding Tess, with Radcliffe in most of the Harry Potter movies, and with Ricci in Sleepy Hollow.

Some of you noticed other, less timely connections among the five. Several of you pointed out that they’ve also all appeared in movies about witches and witchcraft — there’s Radcliffe as Harry Potter, of course, but also de la Tour (as Madame Maxime) in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Grant in Warlock, MacLaine in Bewitched, and Ricci in Sleepy Hollow and the Addams Family movies. Astute PopWatcher Jordan Moblo noticed that they’ve also all costarred with Miranda Richardson, who played Rita Skeeter in Goblet of Fire (opposite de la Tour and Radcliffe) and who costarred with Grant in The Miracle Maker (a stop-motion film about the life of Jesus), with MacLaine in The Evening Star, and with Ricci in Sleepy Hollow.

A couple of entertaining wrong answers: “They have all been nude on stage? (If so, Frances de la Tour gets a resounding ‘le eeeewww’!)” wrote S.H. Meehan. Mark Henry took a wild guess: “They starred in or are huge fans of the movie Mermaids.” (Um, that works for Ricci; don’t know about the rest.) Those who guessed the right answer are listed after the jump.

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