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By EW Staff
Updated November 24, 2006 at 05:00 AM EST

Feedback from our readers

‘Heroes’ Welcome
This is the first time I can’t read my EW cover to cover. Thank you for doing an article on my new favorite show, Heroes. However, because I’m spoiler-averse, I’ll have to save the actual article for some time after November sweeps. I look forward to reading it then!
Jennifer Udan
Weston, Fla.

What a delightful surprise to see my favorite actor, Adrian Pasdar, finally get some cover time on a national magazine. I have watched his grade-A work for years in multiple series, movies, and guest shots, and he never could quite muster critical mass. Like others, I was reluctant to get involved in another serial — with some already canceled — but I couldn’t resist watching Pasdar in Heroes. It’s great, he’s superb, and this time, we all get a hit.
Chuck Taylor

I was thrilled to finally see a cover story on Heroes (”The Powers That Be”). Part X-Files, Lost, and X-Men, the show has brought excitement back to network TV. But unlike Lost, it hasn’t gotten caught up in its own mythology. Kudos to Heroes‘ writers for figuring out the complex task of creating ambiguity and superb characters while still leading the viewer to some sort of conclusion. The characters are real people, struggling to deal with their powers; as a fan, I have yet to grow tired of meeting new heroes and figuring out who they are, what their powers are, and how they fit into the puzzle. NBC has a winner, and I can only hope that the writers continue to remember to entice, excite, and bring on the action! As long as they do, I can’t wait to see who/ what might ”save the cheerleader, save the world.”
Rachael Quigley
St. Louis

Sweeps Stakes
Mr. Eko’s surprise death wasn’t much of a surprise (”The Tailie’s End”). Lost, sweeps, and ”shocking” deaths seem to go together. The most difficult thing to accept about Eko’s demise is the realization that half of season 2 is now meaningless and a waste of viewers’ time. Cindy had better make a glorious return to the island to make the time devoted to the Tailies worth our while.
Thomas Williams
Lathrop, Mo.

Box Office and Buzz
It doesn’t take a marketing degree to understand why online hype doesn’t translate into box office dollars (News & Notes). Sites like MySpace, YouTube, and various blogs are visited by people who generally get entertainment for free. You can probably bet that most of them saw Snakes on a Plane and Borat, but I doubt they paid for their downloaded bootleg copy.
Brian C. Cox

Net’s Loss
It is hard to feel sorry for The CW or the lack of interest in its new programming (News & Notes). Aquaman, a huge download success on iTunes, was handed to them and they neglected to pick it up.
Larry Springmann
Hoboken, N.J.

A Dirty Shame
I love that Bob Saget did the Pop Culture Personality Test (Spotlight). But I am shocked there was no mention of his comedic genius in The Aristocrats! It makes me laugh every time the kids turn on Full House.
Shana Gregory-Williams
Plano, Tex.

Fake News Flash
I’ve been a huge fan of The Daily Show for years. And I too hoped Jon Stewart and his staff would finally take the opportunity to add some regular ”diverse contributors” (Television). But alas — it hasn’t happened. And as much as I love this show, it’s always frustrated me that the majority of the correspondents — although funny — are white males. The Daily Show has dipped its toes in the diversity waters by featuring Aasif Mandvi from time to time, which is a great start. But I hope there’s more to come.
Monique Klos
Los Angeles

Number of readers who were irate about our Lost and Heroes spoilers

Number of readers who felt our crack about German Shepherds perpetuates a negative stereotype about the breed

We nearly screamed with fright at Laurie and Myk Rudnick’s fixation with The Nightmare Before Christmas. It was the theme for their Halloween wedding, and Myk even sports a Jack-and-Sally tattoo on his leg. ”We just traveled 3,000 miles to see the Nightmare Haunted Mansion at Disneyland!” boasts the couple, pictured with son Vladimir (named for the real-life figure Dracula is based on). Sense a scary trend?