Celebrity News for the week of December 1, 2006 -- Brief updates on births, divorces, court dates, and more

By Hannah Tucker
Updated November 24, 2006 at 05:00 AM EST

Talk about karma: Jaime Pressly (My Name Is Earl), 29, and her fiancé, DJ Eric ”Cubiche” Calvo, 31, will welcome a baby boy, Dezi James, in May. Pressly’s Earl costar Ethan Suplee, and wife Brandy Lewis, both 30, are expecting their second daughter together in April.

Gillian Anderson (Bleak House), 38, and her boyfriend, businessman Mark Griffiths, 34, welcomed a son, Oscar, on Nov. 1.

Pete Doherty, 27, was arrested Nov. 18 for suspected possession of illegal drugs. The Babyshambles rocker — and sometimes beau of Kate Moss — has been released on bail while London police identify the substances.

Riverdance star Michael Flatley, 48, returned to his home in Ireland Nov. 18 after being treated for a viral infection and exhaustion at a London hospital.

Three bodyguards for Angelina Jolie were arrested Nov. 17 after they allegedly roughed up onlookers on the set of her film A Mighty Heart in India. Jolie has said the media was partially to blame: ”It is not surprising that the press involved failed to mention their share of responsibility in the chaos.”… U2 won a lawsuit against their former stylist, whom the band said stole memorabilia in 1987. The court ruled Nov. 15 that the items must be returned…. Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson, 39, filed for divorce from Kate Hudson, 27, on Nov. 17 (the couple separated in August) and is seeking joint custody of their 2-year-old son, Ryder Russell…. Universal Music Group sued MySpace on Nov. 17, claiming parent company News Corp. is complicit in illegal music- and video- sharing on the popular website. UMG is seeking up to $150,000 in damages for each instance of alleged copyright infringement.

Three-time Super Bowl champ Emmitt Smith and partner Cheryl Burke sambaed their way to victory on the Nov. 15 finale of Dancing With the Stars…. Warren Beatty will receive an award for lifetime achievement at the 64th Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 15.

Part of Whitney Houston‘s New Jersey estate will be sold Jan. 4 unless she shells out over $1 million in mortgage payments. The singer’s rep denies the house is facing foreclosure but says Houston, 43, owes $80,000 in back taxes.

Clear Channel announced Nov. 16 that the company will be purchased by a private investment group for $26.7 billion. The media giant, now $8 billion in debt, plans to sell off its television branch and 448 radio stations.

Author and Newsweek war correspondent Nicholas Proffitt, 63, of kidney cancer, Nov. 10, in Naples, Fla…. Actress Bettye Ackerman (Ben Casey), 82, after a stroke, Nov. 1, in Columbia, S.C…. Actor Jeremy Slate (One Life to Live), 80, after esophageal cancer surgery, Nov. 19, in L.A…. Cinematographer Gary Graver, 68, who worked with Orson Welles, of cancer, Nov. 16, in Rancho Mirage, Calif.

TOMKAT WEDDING Nov. 18, 2006
The day most of the free world has been anticipating finally arrived on Nov. 18 as Tom Cruise, 44, and Katie Holmes, 27, exchanged vows in a castle near Lake Bracciano, Italy. The couple (who were actually married in L.A. prior to departing for Europe) both wore ensembles specially designed by Giorgio Armani. Ceremony guests included Victoria ”Posh Spice” Beckham, Will Smith, and surprisingly, Brooke Shields.

Ruth Brown 1928-2006
Known alternately as Miss Rhythm, the Original Queen of R&B, and ”the girl with the tear in her voice,” Ruth Brown died Nov. 17 of complications from a heart attack and stroke in Las Vegas. A Tony and Grammy winner who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993, the Virginia native also helped establish the Rhythm and Blues Foundation to fight for artists’ rights, in 1988. Says John Waters, director of the 1988 film Hairspray (in which Brown played DJ Motormouth Maybelle): ”Ruth Brown was a ballsy lady and an incredible singer who surprised everybody by being a great actress and a first-rate repo man for rhythm and blues singers everywhere.”