By Amy Ryan
Updated November 21, 2006 at 05:10 AM EST
Credit: Kelly Clarkson: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

So what do the Beatles, Kelly Clarkson, Neil Diamond, Led Zeppelin, and Sly and the Family Stone have in common? Here’s a hint: what day is Thursday? Yep, they’re all artists who’ve given “thanks” in songs — specifically, in song titles. The Fabs sang “Thank You Girl,” Clarkson (pictured) was “Thankful,” Diamond made a point to “Thank the Lord for the Night Time,” Zep sang a simple “Thank You,” and Sly & Co. expressed gratitude in the 1970 hit “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin).” (Sly and the Family Stone also recorded “Thank You for Talkin’ to Me Africa” in 1971, a scary deconstruction of the earlier song.)

Guesses this week were all over the map. Some of you supposed that they’d all played themselves (more or less) in movies, or that they’d all played songs used in TV commercials, or that they’d all performed in the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York (either for Ed or for current resident David Letterman), or that they’d all won Grammys but not American Music Awards (since the AMAs are tomorrow night), or that they’d all been the targets of song parodies (“Of course, not really good Weird Al parodies,” offered reader Tianne Haines). Wittiest wrong answer came from Bryan Kelshira, who wrote, “Simon Cowell claims to have discovered them all.”

In fact, only two readers, David Lankford and Patrick A. Yearout, got the right answer. Still, we’re thankful to all of you for playing.

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