By Mandi Bierly
Updated November 17, 2006 at 08:58 PM EST

Anyone else beginning to wonder if that scene in Freaky Friday, where Lindsay Lohan smacks into Jamie Lee Curtis and crashes to the floor, was actually scripted?

After hearing the news that Lohan tumbled down a flight of stairs backstage at this week’s World Music Awards (pictured) — and also suffered a recent fall in some bushes — I feel compelled to warn her about the danger of: the banana peel.

Oh, it’s real, Lindsay. (And I’m pretty sure it’s coming after you.) I myself have slipped on one.


The first incident took place several years back, in broad daylight, at the finish area of Washington’s Marine Corps Marathon. I was walking along, innocently searching for my friends who had just finished the race, when suddenly, I was on my ass. I looked down and there, under my right foot, was a banana peel. (Apparently, people who have just run 26.2 miles can’t be bothered to walk to a garbage can.)


The second attack occurred a couple years later in New York. I was coming from the UCB Theatre, where I had just seen EW colleague Scott Brown’s Gutenberg! The Musical! (which is now getting an off-Broadway run, btw), and was strolling down the street with two friends when again, I was on my ass. (This fall felt pretty graceful, so I’m actually sorta sad it happened at night.) I sat on the sidewalk for a few seconds, feeling around for what I had slipped on. Once I picked up the second banana peel, I sat there for a good minute screaming, “Who slips on a banana peel? Twice?!”

I then remember my friend Tamara telling me to “Put down the banana peel,” which I did.

So maybe I’m already too late, Lindsay. If that banana found you before this warning did, I’m sorry.