By Annie Barrett
Updated November 17, 2006 at 04:00 PM EST

Check out New York forensic artist Stephen Mancusi’s rendering of what the 69-year-old reclusive author Thomas Pynchon might look like today. The portrait, based on Pynchon’s 1955 high school yearbook photo (one of the last known snapshots of the Gravity’s Rainbow scribe), appears in this morning’s print issue of EW alongside Ken Tucker’s grade-A review of the writer’s long-awaited novel Against the Day.

It’s a little jarring seeing the bleary-eyed young author morph into Mr. Feeney from Boy Meets World, but it’s also pretty cool. Mancusi’s done similar portraits for people like JonBenet Ramsey and Marilyn Monroe. Who else would you like to see artistically aged?