By Annie Barrett
Updated November 16, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST

Okay, shat-tastic, shat-stounding, and shat-rageous were kind of funny in a please shatter my TV then lodge the pieces in my now useless brain sort of way, but this time William Shatner and Show Me the Money have officially taken their ongoing quest to make ”shat” happen too far. Towards the end of last night’s Dancing With the Stars finale, viewers got pummeled in the face by yet another shat-nnoying cross-promotional commercial informing us that we’d seen the rumba, the mambo, and the waltz, but never… THE SHAT.

No no no no no no NO!

The Shat needs to stop. The Shat is not cool. The Shat is not a dance. (“What is this Shat? Who is him?” asked Edyta Sliwinska, when pressed for comment during my fictional interview with her this afternoon.) The word shat shouldn’t even be in sentences!

Sigh. At least the letters are appropriately short and squat. Maybe this whole campaign is just Shat’s producers conspiring to take a giant, gradual shat on his career…