By Amy Ryan
Updated November 16, 2006 at 10:29 PM EST

I know, Time magazine’s list of the “All-TIME” 100 Albums has been out since Monday, but I’ve been dreading writing about it. The whole point of these lists, of course, is to generate arguments (and pageviews), but this list is just too depressing. It’s not even a bad list; most of what should be there is there, but the omissions are so forehead-smacking stupid and obvious that I won’t even mention them. (Instead, PopWatchers, I’ll let you look at the list and discuss amongst yourselves).

Fortunately, there’s an antidote, in Blender‘s list of The Most Disastrous Albums of All Time (which I found via Stereogum), a set recounting the career-killing discs that felled such former megastars as Peter Frampton, MC Hammer, and Chris Gaines Garth Brooks. The list is far from comprehensive, and I’m not sure it’s even accurate (to call Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk a disaster because it didn’t sell quite as well as the group’s landmark Rumours is like saying Michael Jackson’s Bad was a catastrophe because it didn’t sell as well as Thriller). Still, it’s a refreshing reminder that sometimes its as much fun to snicker at mediocrity and poor judgment as it is to argue over merit.