By EW Staff
November 15, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST

I haven’t watched Gilmore Girls much since the ”Rory goes wild and drops out of Yale” situation (I mean, you think you know someone, fictional or real… sorry I’m still trying to deal.) There was promise for an episode or two, but this week’s ep further proves that the once wickedly clever show continues to spiral into the abyss of no return. You know, that point that so many once-good shows cross, the point where you don’t feel a part of the characters’ lives anymore because the plot has just gotten way too ludicrous and absurd for you to even care. Here are some of the burning questions in my mind after last night’s bewildering episode.

First, Christopher and Lorelai (pictured) got married! In Paris no less! I didn’t see it coming, but more importantly, what’s this about not telling Rory?! You don’t have to include it in the Wedding Announcements page of the Times, but give the poor girl a call before saying “I do.” She’s your only daughter, for crying out loud! Understandably, she didn’t take the news too well. Not that it matters, since that sucker is null to the void without a marriage license, according to a Hartford County Records Office I spoke to. (It’s nothing but fully verified, hard-hitting journalism here at PopWatch.)

And who else wishes to save Lane’s tormented soul — first the loserrocker husband (who I can’t stand), and now her mother moving in?! Oy!She’s old news now because Rory appears to be BFF with these random twogirls I’ve never seen before, yet one of them goes out with Marty (he’sback out of the blue) who is pretending not to know who Rory is. Translation: just another plot twist I don’t need to try to understandin the convoluted mess that used to be one of my favorite shows.

Finally, where is Rory’s job at?! She is supposed to be getting her lifeback on track working a thankless, low-paying butgreat-for-the-experience job at a local paper, but there hasn’t been any mention ofthat gig on the show ever since! (So says’s Dawnie Walton, who’s been watching closely.)

Girls with the last name of Gilmore, I don’t even recognize youanymore. Is anyone else bugged out by these recent developments inStars Hollow?