By Lindsay Soll
November 15, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST

After plenty of hook ups, breakups, catfights and cliques, it’s time to say goodbye to another season of our favorite (or is it just my favorite?) guilty pleasure, Laguna Beach. So in honor of Wednesday’s season finale, here’s a look back at top five moments of Season 3:

1. Cabo, Cabo, Cabo! Or should we say: Slut! Slut! Slut!
It wouldn’t be a proper season of Laguna if we didn’t get a chance to witness someone be called the s-word in Cabo. Only this time, it was hard to keep track of how many times the word was actually thrown around. First Kyndra’s ex-boyfriend (emphasis on ex), Tyler (who shouldn’t have been on spring break with high school kids in the first place), shouts at her, ‘You’re a f—ing slut!” when he sees her all over Cameron. Kyndra, of course, gets mad, so she gets back at Tyler by, well, getting back together with him! Fast forward to night two in Mexico: Tyler is making out on the dance floor with a random girl, and then — shocker! — Kyndra does the name calling. People, people, when are we going to learn to progress past the eighth grade?

2. The bonfire turns cold
I’m still kind of shocked by the way the boys treated the girls in the beachside-bonfire episode. First, we saw Derek almost entirely ignore Tessa, which she of course agonized over (yet still pined for him in future episodes). Then, we watched as Alex turned into a an even bigger jerk than Derek. He publicly broke up with Rocky, then turned around, walked back over to the bonfire, went straight up to Lexie and Tara and asked them both for their numbers! I think Alex was taking the saying, “Strike while the iron is hot” a little too literally; he could’ve at least waited till after Rocky was gone to hit on other girls.

3. Jessica comes back for more
Oh, Jessica, were two seasons on Laguna not enough for you?Or did you not get enough action from immature boys while you werestill in high school? Like most of you, I wasn’t that surprised to seeJessica back for Season 3, mostly because she obviously loves thedrama. It was a little pathetic, though, for her to believe thatCameron (who’s a junior!) would actually be a loyal, committedboyfriend. My favorite Jessica moment: the conversation about saidboyfriend between her and her mom over lunch when her mom asks,”Didn’t you learn anything from Kristin?” So true, Mama Jessica, sotrue!

4. A discussion about foie gras
Remember when Kelan and Chase took Lexie and her friend Tara out fora “pimper dinner”? I certainly do, and it’s only because of thisexchange:

Tara: Your dad told me to get the far-guar.

Lexie: My dad?

Tara: And then he told me what it was, and I was like…

Lexie (correcting her, incorrectly): Fuar-gar.

Tara: Far-guar is duck liver.

Lexie: I used to love it.

Tara: Do you still like it?

Lexie: No.

Tara: It’s duck liver!

5. Chase and Kelan’s band, Open Air Stereo, sign with Epic Records
Did anyone else’s mouth drop when they heard this news, too? Itseems a little ridiculous that a local high school band would getsigned with one of the top record labels in the country instead of anindie one. Did MTV have something to do with the connection? I’m goingto go with: yes. Is there even a contract or was the scene where Chasegets the phone call staged? (I still think the whole thing where The Hills’ Lauren Conrad gets offered an internship for Vogue in Paris is entirely bogus!). Lest we forget, Chase was a junior when he shot this season of Laguna,so should we assume he just drops out of school to pursue his rock stardreams? So many questions, so little answers! In any case, Open AirStereo, we’re hoping to hear the truth soon.