By Amy Ryan
Updated November 14, 2006 at 05:13 AM EST

So what do Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, Clive Owen, Jean Reno, and Jon Stewart have in common. A few of you guessed correctly that it had something to do with James Bond, but for almost everyone, answering this HeadScratcher was more like Mission: Impossible.

Some of you guessed that all five had made People magazine’s Most Beautiful list (maybe!), had all been immortalized in videogames (uh, Jon Stewart?), were all Australians (uh, Jon Stewart?), or had all recently quit smoking (this Thursday is the Great American Smokeout!).

Only one person, PopWatcher Jan Willemsen, knew the answer I was looking for: that these actors had all co-starred in recent movies with cast members of the newest 007 film, Casino Royale. Bana went undercover in Munich last year with new Bond Daniel Craig (pictured, right, with Munich costar Hanns Zischler). Bloom and Bond love interest Eva Green costarred in last year’s Kingdom of Heaven. Owen played the title role in 2004’s King Arthur, in which new Bond baddie Mads Mikkelsen was one of his knights. Reno and Bond babe Caterina Murino played siblings in 2004’s L’Enquête Corse. And Stewart did voiceover work in this year’s toon Doogal with spy chief Judi Dench.

Honorable mention goes to Kryss Peterson, who found a different 007 connection: they all costarred in movies with one-time Bond villains. Besides Owen and Mikkelsen, there’s Bana and For Your Eyes Only bad guy Julian Glover in Troy, Bloom and Christopher Lee (The Man With the Golden Gun) in the Lord of the Rings movies, Reno and The World Is Not Enough vixen Sophie Marceau in Beyond the Clouds, and Stewart and Famke Janssen (Goldeneye‘s Onatopp) in The Faculty.

Thanks for playing, everyone! Come back Friday afternoon for another HeadScratcher…