By EW Staff
November 13, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST

I’ve always wondered why Bond theme songs continue to cause such a fuss. It just seems like there hasn’t been a decent title song for the series in a long time. Speaking of which, Casino Royale‘s theme, “You Know My Name,” sung by Chris Cornell (pictured), is officially out now. (PopWatch found the song online for you back in September). The Audioslave frontman (a career choice I haven’t quite forgiven the former Soundgarden-er for) tries his darnedest to make a memorable anthem for Bond to rock to, but in recent tradition, fails utterly.

Not that I’m surprised. I mean, the last few Bond songs haven’t had shelf lives longer than their respective movies’ opening weekends (have you been thinking much about Sheryl Crow’s “Tomorrow Never Dies” or Madonna’s hideous “Die Another Day” lately?) “You Know My Name” is fine for background music as Bond speeds off in his Aston Martin, but with cheesy lines like “I’ve seen diamonds cut through harder men” and “The coldest blood runs through my veins,” not even Cornell’s powerhouse vocals can save the tune.

When oh when will a popstar rise to the occasion and give 007 the theme song he is so due? (I’m not holding my breath.) And which Bond themes can you still listen to without cringing?