By Michael Slezak
Updated November 10, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST
Credit: Ricky Gercais: Jon Furniss/

This just in from the Office of “How Do I Get a Fat Grant For Studying Something Ridonk?”: A story in today’s Independent notes that a British psychologist “scanned 179 facial features of 20 comedians” and concluded that the ultimate look for a comedian includes “a round face, small forehead, wide nose, big lips, large eyes and high cheekbones.” In other words, he looks like Ricky Gervais (pictured, right).

Um, yeah, whatever. Only 20 comedians studied? And what about comediennes? I’m sure Mo’Nique has something to say about all this. Of course, since I’m at a loss for a Weekend To-Do List theme, I’m gonna overlook the general jankiness of this study and use it as a springboard to shouting out these funny folk. And the nominees include:

– Anne Heche: Let me say it again, Celestia is funny on ABC’s soon-to-explode Men In Trees (ABC, Friday, 9 p.m.); come to think of it, she does kind of have a small forehead and large eyes!

– Sacha Baron Cohen (center): You’ve heard of the whole Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan thing? You like? EW’s Owen Gleiberman did; he gives it an A-. Oh, and not to worry that Cohen’s face doesn’t fit the above study; its author, Dr. Anthony Little, tells the Independent that “Cohen’s atypical comedy face may be the reason why his routine depends on disguise and alter-egos.” Alrighty then.

– Alec Baldwin (left): Dude hosts Saturday Night Live (NBC, Saturday, 11:30 pm) for the umpteenth time, and he’s usually quite funny, despite his lack of BIG EYES.

addCredit(“Ricky Gervais: Jon Furniss/”)

– Johnny Carson: The late-night funnyman’s Best of Carson: Volume 1,is out on DVD, and scores a B from EW’s Jeff Labrecque. (I bet he’dtotally have gotten an A- if his nose had been a little wider.)

– Ricky Gervais: Perfect comedy face or not, the bloke is funny.He’s part of the ensemble of Christopher Guest’s latest improv comedymovie, For Your Consideration, which doesn’t open until next week, but which has a load of clips posted on its own channel on YouTube.

– And finally, there’s Kevin Federline: His new comedy CD, Playing With Fire, is out now, and… what? It’s not a comedy album? D’oh! That explains why EW’s Chris Willman gave it an F, I guess. OK, I’m so not mentioning him again in 2006. FedEx, that is.