By Amy Ryan
November 10, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST

From our pals over at Idolator comes a report of Lou Reed’s grudging performance at some corporate tech gig on Wednesday night. (Valleywag has a video clip of Reed’s performance here, including the priceless intro quoted in this item’s headline.) Why so glum, Lou? Everyone’s playing corporate gigs these days, and it’s not like you haven’t traveled down this road before — on a Honda scooter, no less. Still, this would have been fun to see live, on the off chance that Reed would try to scare the suits with something like “Heroin” or “Metal Machine Music.” Then again, maybe that’s the lesson of this event: that there’s pretty much no such thing as irony or shocking the bourgeoisie anymore; as this hilarious dubbing of Reed’s “Sister Ray” proves, pretty much anything can be co-opted.