By Scott Brown
November 09, 2006 at 09:26 PM EST

(WARNING: If you haven’t watched last night’s half-season finale of Lost, then why are you reading this? there are some spoilers below.)

These days, the often-surreal mysteries of Lost are having trouble competing with the often-surreal mysteries of reality. (As I write this, Russell Crowe and Martha Stewart are stuffing a turkey. It is among the top-5 most obscene things I have ever seen.) But last night, the Cuse-Lindelof Hour of Power recaptured some of its old mojo. Take this exchange, for example:

“Baby’s definitely got some back!” Russell says, patting the bird. “Wait, that’s the other end.”
“These wings are disobedient,” Martha tuts. “This is a shapely bird and I think it wants to stay shapely.”
Russell cracks bird bones in his meaty, merciless hands.

Sorry, sorry — so distracted. This is bizarre, what I’m watching here.

But is it half as bizarre as, say, Jack actually concocting a decent plan? As Flashback Kate in a wifey wig getting hitched to a straight-arrow police officer (Nathan “Serenity” Fillion)? As a sweaty, Spice Channel resolution to the Kate-Sawyer romantic tension (pictured)?

addCredit(“Lost: ABC”)

Last night was no grand slam, no light-in-the-hatch moment — but Lost has, for me, made parole. My colleague Michael Slezak posed the question yesterday: Will you return after the hiatus? Honestly, I don’t know what my answer would’ve been before last night’s ep. A hearty “maybe,” maybe. Now I’m genuinely interested in the upshot of Jack’s canny, selfless stratagem, using the Benry kidney as a bargaining chip. It is, in theory at least, a nobody-dies solution that affirms Jack’s humanity and upholds his Hippocratic oath. Is this what the Others were waiting to see? Is this the response they were testing for?

Oh: And you know Kate’s pregnant. I mean, come on.

So was I wowed? No. I won’t be “wowed” until those new additions, Pietro and Nicorette or whatever their names are, are fed to boars. But that alone will be worth the wait. That will be a “television event.”