On ''Veronica Mars, Wallace puts basketball on hold after getting caught cheating; plus, Veronica is framed, and Keith has a hot date

By Tanner Stransky
Updated November 08, 2006 at 05:00 AM EST
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”Veronica Mars”: Wallace the scholar-athlete

Hey, Rob Thomas, where is the LoVe? Or, at least, the deets on LoVe. Last week’s previews implied we’d get the lowdown on what’s brewing between Logan and Veronica. And I was ready for it. But, alas, no dice. Like many recent VM previews, it was just a tease. The episode instead focused on the fallout from Wallace’s cheating, a failed Piz-Parker matchup, a little bit of rape-mystery unraveling, Keith’s love life, and the accusation that Veronica plagiarized a paper. The previews for next week suggested again that we’ll get answers about Veronica and Logan’s waning romance, but sooner rather than later, please!

First, the lingering rape mystery: As usual, we only got a few more morsels. It appears that Claire faked her rape. She was therefore kicked out of school, and the editor of the school paper lost her job. Madam Editor even left her former ace reporter and Dean O’Dell with a silly-sounding threat: ”You’ll regret this.” I’m guessing we haven’t seen the last of this spitfire, but what’s her real deal? Judging by the way she was spinning the coverage, she’s got to have some stake in who’s fingered as the rapist. Earlier in the season, I wanted to suggest that there was something fishy about the rape accusations, but I decided against it because I thought it would sound too insensitive. Well, all bets with this situation seem to be totally off.

The college’s sketchy gambling kingpin, Mercer, was arrested in connection to the rapes, but Logan defended him to Veronica, claiming the two have an alibi. Now here’s where maybe we’ll see a little LoVe tension, since Logan wouldn’t give up said alibi. Were Logan and Mercer simply at the beach? Lovin’ on some ladies? Doing some more illegal gambling? I seriously doubt that Logan was out giving blood or helping the homeless.

Veronica wasn’t the only one who saw some time with Dean O’Dell this episode. Wallace was on his way into the dean’s office as Veronica was on her way out. O’Dell gave Wallace the opportunity to drop the class he cheated in, but he’d also have to give up his major and his career dreams. We saw some real character from Wallace with his decision on this, as he chose to sit out the rest of the semester on the basketball team to try to at least pass the course

But even after studying hard and skipping out on the gang bowling date, he only managed a D on the next test. But if Wallace is so good at basketball (the coach wanted to start him as a freshman!), why’s he messing around with mechanical engineering anyway? At least the coach wasn’t too hard on him about the decision. For once, we see a coach with a bit of a heart and some understanding about something other than sports. How refreshing.

Veronica’s plagiarism mystery ended up coming back to the creepy criminology teaching assistant, Tim. He claimed that by setting her up, he was just trying to show her the faults in Professor Wright. Whatever. This guy has clearly had it in for Veronica since she showed him up in the first class of the year. But what’s his bigger purpose on the show? I’m not exactly sure. Could he somehow be connected to the rapes? Or (here’s hoping!) will he just go away after this? I still hate his hair, and it bugs me that he’s intent on taking down a freshman like Veronica. The guy’s a teaching assistant! And the actor could be a bit better at playing a heading-toward-totally-deranged character. A bit crazier and not just so, well, creepy would work.

And even though we only got a little bit on the LoVe front, two other hookups were brewing. First, between Piz and Parker — but mostly just from Parker’s end. (Before I go any further, can we talk about how Parker’s hair is just magically back to normal? When she was trying on those wigs before, she looked just plain bad. And now, she looks as if she just stepped out of a shampoo commercial. What gives? Veronica should investigate that.) In a bowling-alley scene that was over-the-top cheesy, Parker asked Veronica to check on whether Piz liked her. When Veronica did, however, it was clear that Piz was either (a) covering up that he is gay or (b) so obsessed with Veronica that he couldn’t fathom dating anyone else. I’m gonna go with (b) at this point. And with LoVe looking shaky, maybe Piz will get his wish. I’m not rooting for him because I think he needs to get a personality first. (So far, he’s yet another why-is-he-here character.)

Second, Harmony was back! I was hoping this matchup would work out (if they could first straighten out that little adultery issue). It was nice to see Keith have a decent story line again, even though I can’t stop seeing Just Shoot Me with those two. Regardless, they’ve definitely got chemistry. Funny, isn’t it, that Keith is getting more action than most of the young and beautiful college kids on the show.

What do you think? Between Veronica’s trust issues and Logan’s sneakiness, is LoVe headed for disaster? Could Mercer really be the rapist? And where the heck is Mac?

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