By Whitney Pastorek
Updated November 08, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST

From the Dept. of There Are No New Ideas Anymore, Just Retreads Of Things That Were Already On Their 4th Sequel To Begin With, Fox has announced the casting for a new pilot called The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Lena Headley (pictured) will play, yes, Sarah Connor, the mother of Edward Furlong John Connor, who you all know better as “The Savior of the World, At Least According To the Terminator Movies.” And together, Sarah and John will go about saving the world on a weekly basis, once baseball season is over, natch.

I’m not crazy about this idea, in case you couldn’t already tell, but I’ve decided that since I most likely cannot beat them, I’m going to join them. Thus, I would like to officially pitch my idea for a new TV series, which will ideally find its home on HBO or Cinemax so that people can be naked and cuss, but I’m not picky:

(PS: Imagine this in that movie trailer guy’s voice. Like in that Geico commercial or something. OK.)

addCredit(“Lena Headey: Jeff Vespa/”)

The time is the present. The stakes couldn’t be higher. A cityhas been overrun by the underworld, nefarious creatures haunting everycorner. Hardworking everyday folks are scared to walk home alone.Children cry themselves to sleep every night. All the pets have runaway. Only one man has the power to save this vast metropolis fromcertain demise. Only one man strikes fear into the hearts of thehardest criminals. Only one man has a really cool belt.

This fall, Jason Bateman is… Batman.

I think it’ll be a big hit! But I don’t think we’ve gotta stopthere: What dead entertainment horses would you like to pitch for thesmall screen, PopWatchers?