By Whitney Pastorek
Updated November 08, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST

Wow, big news today out of Bahrain or Ireland or wherever Michael Jackson is living at the moment: The Gloved One will be recreating the video for “Thriller” live for the first time since like ever, at the World Music Awards on Nov. 15. It’ll also be his first performance in London in almost 10 years, marking the 25th anniversary of the entire Thriller album. (Dear God, I’m old.)

Mike’s getting the Diamond Award, honoring artists who sell more than 100 million albums. Here’s my favorite sentence from the World Music Awards website (which, FYI, you need to go check out because it features a truly freaky picture of Lindsay Lohan):

addCredit(“Michael Jackson: AP”)

“The Diamond Award is an award that is not presented every yearbecause it is only for music royalty and who better to receive it thanthe undisputed King of Pop. Past recipients of the Diamond Awardinclude Rod Stewart, Mariah Carey, Bon Jovi, and Celine Dion.”

Why does that sentence amuse me so much? Well, besides the fact thatsomeone let a third grader write it, I’m really just enjoying the factthat Jacko’s going diamond behind Bon Jovi. Aw yeah. At least this award is real(ish). Not like that time they tried to give him a birthday cake at the VMAs.