November 06, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST

So, what do Tom Arnold, Ed Begley Jr., Cuba Gooding Jr., Harvey Keitel, and Bruce Willis have in common? They’ve all co-starred in movies with Roseanne Barr, who celebrated her 54th birthday over the weekend by debuting a new standup special on HBO, Blonde and Bitchin’.

Honorable mention goes to Ryan Burkett, Mick Corman, Cicely Dyson, Jen Levine, Michael Neubauer, Elizabeth Pellegrini, Kryss Peterson, and Patrick A. Yearout, who all recognized that these leading men had worked with the domestic goddess, but only four of you — Colin Boyle, Charles Neal, Elisa Vega, and Jan Willemsen — got that I was looking specifically for their big-screen projects. Arnold starred with his then-wife in Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare. Begley played Roseanne’s faithless husband in She-Devil. Gooding and Barr played a horse and a cow, respectively, in the animated Western Home on the Range. Keitel and Roseanne played a squabbling pair of Brooklynites in Blue in the Face. And Willis and Roseanne voiced the toddler siblings in Look Who’s Talking Too.

Especially amusing were the could-be-true answers. Some of you thought that the common link was that the actors had all hosted Saturday Night Live, or that they’d all flashed what reader Jason Booth called “their manly stuff” in movies. (Aaugh! My eyes! They’re burning! Make it stop!) They’ve all appeared in scenes depicting hostage situations, claims reader Quentin-Alexandre Brigaud. “I think they have all been elected to some kind of office, such as student body president,” says reader Tianne Haines. All of these may be true, or they may not, but I’m too lazy to fact-check them.

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