On ''Desperate Housewives,'' unhinged Carolyn Bigsby holds an assortment of shoppers hostage; Nora dies, and Lynette fights back

By Lindsay Soll
Updated November 06, 2006 at 05:00 AM EST
Desperate Housewives: Ron Tom

”Desperate Housewives”: Supermarket shootings

Ding-dong! The witch is dead. Which old witch? The Nora witch!

My condolences go out to all of you Susan haters (okay, I’ll admit it, I was somewhat with you guys on this, too) who were hoping she’d be the one hit in the Great Supermarket Shooting of 2006. No such luck, but raise your hands if you think Nora was the perfect replacement. True, right before Nora had her last breath, we finally saw a human side to her when she said to Lynette, ”Kayla was the only good thing that I’ve ever done in my whole life.” Overall, this was a great episode — Nora’s antics are over, there were no Mike cameos, and power mom Lynette is finally back in action!

The MVP of the episode was definitely Laurie Metcalf as Carolyn Bigsby. She believably embodied an over-the-edge wife who just found out her seemingly faithful husband cheated. And her witty remarks were priceless: ”Attention, shoppers, we’re having a special today on not getting shot, but it’s only available at the back of the store.” I loved that she was wearing pearls while terrorizing a storeful of innocent bystanders. I never guessed, though, that Carolyn would be shot, too — and by a woman whose son was in her Sunday-school class no less. (I thought it was going to be Edie who came out of hiding to pull the trigger; she seems like the type who would with do it with no remorse.) On the plus side, the hostage taking brought the citizens of Fairview together in a civil manner for the first time this season. I appreciated all the nonsense being pushed aside for a moment.

As I stated earlier, power mom Lynette is back, and for once she wasn’t fighting with Tom over pizza. She was actually fighting on Tom’s behalf. Both Tom and I were really surprised when she offered to go after Nora for custody of Kayla. When he said he didn’t know that Lynette wanted a fifth kid, she replied, ”I don’t, and I didn’t want the first four, but they’re starting to grow on me.” During the hostage crisis, Lynette really took charge. That was gutsy of her to yell, ”Maybe you deserved to be cheated on!” at a woman holding a gun. You would think that after all the things Nora put Lynette and Tom through, a part of Lynette would be relieved to see Nora die, but her sorrow seemed genuine.

Gaby and Carlos could learn a thing or two from the Scavos’ relationship. Praise the Lord, they finally worked through their issues. I mean just how many crystal vases was Gaby planning to shatter? And was Carlos hoping to turn the living room into a front porch? Long before that scene ended, their childish behavior stopped being even slightly funny and just became plain lame. It was nice to see them end up having a heart-to-heart while over at casa Hodge.

I think Bree Van De Hodge is just about the only person who could turn a hostage situation into a social event. (”Coffee is almost ready, and if you prefer to watch the coverage on channel 9, it’s on in the den.”) Her composure came crashing down, though, when she learned Mrs. Bigsby was the lunatic at the market. And after seeing the expression on her face when she heard that Lynette and Julie were being held hostage, I really felt for Bree. I know I would’ve tried to get revenge the same way Bree did if another woman tried to sabotage my marriage.

Lynette finally got over blaming herself for Mary Alice’s suicide, but I think what Mary Alice said to Lynette during her dream — ”You can’t prevent what you can’t predict” — is foreshadowing future episodes. Specifically with the Orson-Mike-Monique triad (or is it a love triangle?). Now with Carolyn gone, there’s no one pushing Bree to snoop around about Orson. I’m guessing Harvey will become the catalyst in uncovering the truth about Monique’s death. Also, we haven’t heard anything about the whereabouts of Alma Hodge or the mysterious woman in the mental hospital from season 2 in a while. (I know a lot of you think they are the same woman, but they aren’t.) Do they have anything to do with each other? Did Alma really just leave Orson? After the way he’s been caring for Bree and her children lately, I’ve been wondering if he’s just tragically misunderstood and not really that evil after all. So he ran over Mike — maybe he had a really good reason to. (Rewind back to his conversation about rage with Andrew at the coffee shop.)

Speaking of Mr. Delfino, Susan seems to have gotten over him fully. But since when is Ian able to jet off to Paris? Before Susan, he was at the hospital every single day watching over his beloved comatose wife, but now that he’s got a girlfriend, is it just out with the old, in with the new? I can’t wait to see what happens when his wife wakes up — you know it’s going to happen soon enough.

Here’s a few questions for you guys: Will Gaby and Carlos really stop being hateful to each other? Will Kayla be okay with living with the Scavos permanently? Will Orson try to visit Mike again? And are Austin and Julie going to be the new hot couple on Wisteria Lane?